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I've actually begun work on NOTEZAR 2.0! Please, send me feature requests and whatnot. Let me know how you use NOTEZAR, what bothers you, what you like, etc. I wouldn't mind some help, either! Kindly spam me at notezar@gmail.com.
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contact notezar@gmail.com NOTEZAR comes from kevin cox / jibberia
NOTEZAR is a free on-line note-taking service. It's kind of like Stickies - but omnipresent stickies. You can access your personal account and notes with a widget for Mac OS X Tiger, or via this website - they're the same either way. Now you can keep your notes synchronized easily and automatically on your home computer, your laptop, your work computer, public terminals, etc! And it's all free!
To learn more about NOTEZAR, just log in as "help" (no quotes, of course) with no password. Go on, give it a try!
Donations aren't necessary at the moment - I'm no longer a poor, overworked student, and referrals from me pushing our web host can foot the bill for a little while. Donation button remains for the patrons and philanthropists among us.